Dorabella arrives…

I bought Dorabella without seeing her. I know. The sort of thing that people do on reality TV DIY shows – and you sit there cosy on your sofa shaking your head in disbelief when they miraculously realise they have spent loads of money on the property equivalent of a self-disassembling clown car.  ‘Man – how can people be so stupid!’ you exclaim. I know. I’ve said it myself. Multiple times.

But I am also a firm believer in the gut brain. Something told me that Dorabella was a real find. It’s corny to say, but I knew that she needed to be with me. I’m also a firm believer that people (and things) find you at the right time… Dorabella and I found each other at exactly the time we needed.

And so, she was purchased, and transported to her new, temporary home in Shoreham. The lovely Boatswain and his team took her in, settled her in her cradle in the yard and I got to see her for the first time…

Firstly, she felt bigger than I was expecting. Due to my day job, I’ve got a very good grip on knowing how big things are, but boats just seem bigger out of water somehow. She was in need of a good old scrub and wash – particularly to remove the seafood salad of mussels that were dangling from her underside. She was dirty and looked a bit sorry for herself. And hells bells, she stank.

But I loved her immediately.


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