There is something about a fresh clean blanket of snow that makes everything feel just so crisp and clean and new, isn’t there? All the dirt and imperfections are gone… even if the effect is fleeting. This is how it felt when Dora received her first coat of undercoat primer (Jotun Vinyguard Silvergrey Primer for those of you interested). All the little dings had been sanded back, the loose paint scrubbed off and she was fresh and new with a layer of grey primer… a wonderful feeling indeed.

Now. A few words on choosing marine paint. Even though my day job involves knowing a fair bit about paint and how to specify paint, the marine world was a real eye opener. There are so many options available and every person you meet will have their own opinion. To antifoul or not to antifoul – that was the question for a long time. My advice? Speak to a supplier of marine paint. Let them know your exact structure type, how you will be using your boat, where it will be moored and of course, the condition your hull is in. Let the experts guide you through the minefield of marine paints.

I opted for the Jotun system of Vinyguard primer and Pioner Topcoat. This was the best for me and Dora (being suitable for wood, a single-pack system and great below the water line performance and pretty reasonable too) but let those in the know help you too!