Below water paint…

There is something magical about paint. Within a relatively short space of time, something can feel brand new, rejuvenated – alive again. It was a very exciting time when Dora was finally ready for the first lick of colour on her hull.

As i mentioned in the last post, the world of marine paint is complicated indeed – anti-foul or not anti-foul, how many ‘packs’ – let alone the colours. For many, navy blue or red are the only colours a boat should be. Green is generally considered unlucky (although, this may be due to boats being rendered a;most invisible in bad weather), and options are often very limited. This is one reason why I chose the Jotun Pioner system – I could choose my colour from over 200 standard variations or get a custom colour mixed up… this may not seem like a big deal, but it really was. I am a big believer that colours convey personalities – and I just knew that Dora needed to be a pale sky blue kinda girl.

And now – another 5 coats later – she is.